TV Online: 5 misconceptions about getting Arabic TV online

Published: 19th April 2010
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Here are five hard facts about getting TV online. I have been doing this for 6 months using a simple software (follow the links to my website to find out more). It is ideal for travellers or people living away from their country of birth. It is also cheap and simple to use.

1. You can not get Arabic TV Online - or any TV online for that matter. This is a false misconception. You can get over 3,500 satellite TV channels onlinebuy clicking this link This takes a onetime only payment and gives you access to satellite TV channels from all over the world including over 500 Arabic TV channels. I have been using this software for 6 months now and can attest to the fact that it works. Arabic channels available include - lbc arabic TV, al manar arabic tv, al arabiya arabic tv, aljazeera arabic tv online.

2. It is expensive to use - this again is incorrect. A onetime payment of $50 gets you access to this software and in 5 minutes you can be watching satellite TV online from all parts of the world including the UK and the USA. There are no recurring fees. Once you have paid the upfront fee you have access tothe software and automatic updates forever.

3. Arabic satellite TV online is only available in English - again this is an incorrect assumption. All Arabic TV channels are available in the Arabic language in the country of origin. There are no voice overs done in English or any other languages for that matter. It is possible to have the languages subtitled.

4. You need to be in the country of origin to access cable TV - this is wrong. You can access the 3,500 channels from anywhere in the world so long as you have your PC with you and you have access to the internet. Many many countries satellite tv broadcasts are available (for a full list of countries and channels please visit my webiste attached).

5. The software is difficult to use - I will not lie to you, the software (like any software) does take some getting used to. But once you have familiarized yourself with it you will find it can be used with ease at any time 365 days a year 24 hours a day with any internet connection. I have been using the software for approx 6 months and am finding it user friendly and convenient.

For those interested in purchasing this ground breaking software please visit my website (there is more information and a full review of the software available there). This software can be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection. I have targeted my website at my fellow Arab brothers and sisters however there are channels available from all over the world in many many different countries (see a full list on my site). You are mad if you continue to pay large amounts of money per month for your satellite subscription service.

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